About Cyclostock


How can the community make the difference?

The community is the core of this project. We believe in people and in the power of collaboration between each other, about the exchange of experiences, giving an evaluation to the Polls and, hopefully, becoming part of the project in an active way.

Furthermore, in Cyclostock the importance of the Community gives its results in the possibility of combining efforts to obtain the best ever benefits in terms of product prices.

Keep nature sustainable
Our main goal is to put as many people in contact with nature as possible, play sports and have fun.
Nutrition is life
You are definetely what you eat...
Make sport one of the reasons of your life
"Mens sana in corpore sano" the Latin phrase means that sport is an essential part of physical and mental well-being.
Together we can
Non ci stancheremo mai di ripetere che solo la condivisione consente agli esseri umani di evolversi in modo armonioso e sostenibile


In folks we trust

We have created a community for bike and nature lovers, like us. We would like people to exchange advice. We encourage you to promote discussions among members about cycling articles. Bicycles are our great love and we also try to push everyone towards the use of the bicycle, providing the best cycling items at the best price through the system of economies of scale.

Follow your passion on Cyclostock.com. You can also get in touch with us via FacebookInstagramTwitter,PinterestLinkedIn and Youtube.


We create a world where people can truly make a difference

We believe in people, in nature and in technology. We also believe in the possibility of connecting people through technology. With Cyclostock, people can put their strengths together to get great benefits through the community. We think sharing ideas, experiences and news can allow us all to live better lives on this planet. Exciting challenges await us – new products, travel and business – guided by our core values and we will approach these challenges with community support. Join us!!


Live your best life

We want everyone to stay healthy, living the best possible life, traveling and sharing experiences, knowledge and advice. If you are the person in the description above, get in touch with us and we will see how to collaborate …