Dario Pegoretti one year after his passing away

Dario Pegoretti was born in 1956, he has been one of the best bicycle maker of the last century.
He has been defined such as The GURU of the bike by the people aroud biking business.

His approach to the bike world has been through his uncle Mario who was a good biker. He started to bike for few years when he was younger. In the meantime he knew one man Luigino Milani who was a frame builder, which lately became his father in law.

In 1975 Dario started to work with Luigino in the mechanical workshop, from that time his career begun to grow up. In 1990 he was building frames for big brands like Bianchi and Pinarello and he kept going on until 1996 when he decided to build frames under his brand name.

He sold his bikes all over the world from China to USA, he had clients like Indurain, Chiappucci, Cipollini, Ben Harper and the famous actor Robin Williams.


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