Cancellation Policy

Terms of cancellation

It is ALWAYS possible to cancel the purchase while the offer is still in progress. After the purchase has been made, it is possible to cancel until the deadline of the offer.

Rules of the Cancellation Policy

It is possible to cancel the purchase while the offer is still in progress just by pressing the “give up the deal” button. As soon as you give up your purchase the price of the product will increase and return to the level compatible with the number of pieces sold at that time. It remains clear, however, that no charge will be made to your credit card before the offer expires.

Order Processing

Cyclostock may, in its sole discretion, choose not to process or cancel the order in certain circumstances. This may happen, for example, when the product or service you wish to purchase is out of stock or has not been properly evaluated, we suspect that the request is fraudulent or that Cyclostock deems appropriate in its sole discretion. Cyclostock also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take steps to verify your identity to process your order. Cyclostock will not charge or refund charges for orders that we do not process or cancel.

Free returns and exchanges are accepted within the EU. European customers can return or exchange these items in new, unused condition within 14 days of delivery by contacting Cyclostock support.

For all products, we also offer returns / replacements for items that arrive with damaged, defective, not as advertised or missing components. Once the third party assessments are complete, we submit the group order to the product supplier. In this way we are able to offer the best value to our members and it is also the reason why all sales are final. In the event that a product arrives damaged, defective, not as advertised or missing parts, contact Cyclostock support.