Community: Discussion Rules

Discussion Rules & Guidelines

Cyclostock encourages active discussion between our members and welcomes constructive and civilized debate. We ask that all members adhere to the spirit of respectful dialogue. Cyclostock monitors all posts and reserves the right to remove any content that does not adhere to our moderation guidelines.

Some basic rules

Web Links: We love backing up comments with sources and good information, so you are welcome to include links to material on other websites that are relevant to your comment. However, links to pornography and other offensive material are not allowed. Cyclostock administrators check these links and may remove anything deemed offensive. Please don’t post things that will keep us up at night. We’ll remove them.

Relevance: While we appreciate wide-ranging discussions, we’d like to avoid derailing things to a certain extent. Let’s try to keep within arms reach of the topic at hand if we can.

Trolling: We understand you’re having fun with it, but it’s distracting and does nothing to promote good discussion. There’s a good chance we’ll just remove it so please save us all a little time.

Offensive Language: We’re not opposed to a good curse word (or two, or three) when we get excited, but let’s try to keep it positive. Try to refrain from hurling insults at your fellow users or using disparaging terms. It’s your right to express yourself, but it’s our right to remove or modify your post if we or the community deem it offensive.

Discrimination: You don’t like certain people and that’s your choice, but we do not condone hatred of any kind. Discriminatory remarks are unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Threats: We know it’s easy to get riled up about things you’re passionate about, but statements that are threatening or abusive will not be tolerated. Pretend you’re having a face-to-face with the people in the discussion and don’t be a keyboard warrior. Nobody is impressed by this behavior, and the situation has no winner.

Slander & Libel: Don’t make false or malicious claims about other people or organizations. Posting a negative opinion or review is fine, but don’t engage in discrediting individuals or organizations for unrelated issues with blatantly false information. This includes posting speculations as if they are fact. Wild speculations that are intended to persuade others may be removed for spreading false information.

Advertising: We love community projects and the process that goes into them. If you want to share that cool thing you’re working on or one you already made, this is a great place to do that. That does not mean spamming links or astroturfing. This is a community to take part in, not take advantage of.

Ghosting: Pseudonyms are fine, but don’t impersonate another person or use an alias to agree with yourself or advertise. We can see you’re doing it. Embrace who you are and just be the one you.

Privacy: In addition to being mindful of your own information, do not post any identifiable information about others. The internet is full of clever people and immoral people. They are not always mutually exclusive.

Illegal Activity: Do not use this website to conduct any illegal activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity. Drug deals are the wrong kind of drop for our site.

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