Purchasing and Pre-ordering Products

In-Stock Products and Expedited Shipping

Customers are able to upgrade their shipping & handling option for In-Stock products at checkout, customers can choose from the following shipping speeds:

  • Free Standard shipping: Ships in 2–3 business days/arrives in 5–10

Currently, this shipping option  is only available to customers within the contiguous EU. Shipping speeds displayed in the options menu apply only to the EU. International orders are not eligible for shipping options.

What's the meaning of 'Join the DEAL'?

Selecting the “Join” option means that you’ll purchase the item regardless of the price point that’s reached.

Is there a limit to the number of quantities I can purchase for each DEAL?

You can buy as much of a product as you’d like in terms of the number of units available. 

When a DEAL ends

What happens when a DEAL ends?

When a DEAL ends, we collect payment from all of the participants and place a single order with the supplier. The supplier then prepares the order and ships it to us through a freight service. Once we receive the shipment at our warehouse, we ship out everyone’s individual orders.

We provide status updates throughout the fulfillment process, either by commenting in the discussion or by sending an email to participants.


Can a DEAL end early?
The deals have a limited quantity available for purchase. Once this limit has been reached, the deal will automatically close and payment will be captured ahead of the original run end date.

I missed a product or a product run was not successful. How do I request it?

If you miss a DEAL and you want to request that a product you have two choices:

  1. Create a Poll and check out how many people are interested in the same item as you are. We’ll be non-stop monitoring the Polls therefore as soon as Polls reach a certain numbers of likes we’ll create a new DEAL. The more requests a product gets, the more likely we’ll relaunch the product sooner.
  2.  visit the product page and click the “Notify Me” button. By submitting this request, you’ll be among the first to know when the product is live again.


Shipping Feedback

We take customer feedback on courier performance very seriously and are actively monitoring it in order to make the best decisions we can for the greater benefit of our members.

One of our primary goals is to provide our customers with a great balance between competitive shipping pricing and reliability. In most cases, DHL is the courier that’s currently providing us with the best blend of both.

We understand that some customers are experiencing longer transit times and limited tracking updates. We’re working directly with DHL to address these concerns and are taking steps toward reducing the transit time, reducing the overall cost, and improving the visibility of transit status for packages.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your DHL shipment, here are two resources you can use to report the problem:

How Cyclostock Works with Couriers

How does Cyclostock select which couriers to use?

We select couriers based on what services will provide our customers with reliable service for an outstanding value. Before working with any courier, we make sure they meet or exceed industry standards for accurate package delivery and carefully consider the best combination of reliability, cost, and transit time.

Please note: Given the amount of shipping partners we work with and the vast coverage area we serve, there are likely regions with much longer transit times than others. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or problems with the courier of your shipment, please feel free to submit a support ticket via the “Contact Us” button.

Courier Contact Information

How does Cyclostock calculate shipping charges?

Usually all the products sold by Cyclostock are free of shipping charges but in case they had to be calculated the followiong below is the way how we do it:

What is the estimated delivery time once an order has been shipped?

For customers in the EU:

  • 3 to 14 business days from the date of shipping

For customers out of EU:

  • 2 to 4 weeks from the date of shipping

International customers can expect longer shipping times, depending on the country in which they live:

Please keep in mind that these are rough estimates and shipments can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, like postal strikes or severe weather.

If, for some reason, you don’t receive your order within the estimated time frame provided above and suspect that it might be lost in transit, please submit a support ticket from your transactions page and we can look into the order with the courier. Lost-in-transit requests must be submitted to Cyclostock Support within 4 months of the date of shipping or before the courier archives the tracking information.

Can I combine shipping for multiple orders?

Because many factors are involved in the fulfillment process, we aren’t able to combine shipping for multiple orders. Each product has its own estimated shipping date and items are shipped from multiple locations. To expedite fulfillment, we ship orders to customers as soon as the product is ready.

Custom fees

The prices listed on Cyclostock include the cost of the product and shipping, but do not include customs fees.

All orders shipped internationally are subject to customs fees. The fees and taxes levied on imported goods are up to the discretion of the customs agent in the country of importation. Before purchasing items on our site, we advise customers to reach out to their local customs office for information about the duties and fees to be expected. Cyclostock is unable to reimburse for customs fees.

Refused, Underliverable & Return-to-Sender Shipments

In the event that a shipment is refused delivery by the recipient, is undeliverable, or is returned to sender, Cyclostock will process a refund to the original payment method used.

This refund is for the amount of the product itself and doesn’t include shipping charges.

If a customer would like the order reshipped, they’ll be charged a reshipment fee. Customers may also be subject to a restocking fee of up to 20 percent of the product cost.

Managing Your Order

Cyclostock Refund Policy

If you are the FIRST to start the DEAL, so you are the first to buy any item running in our shop, you’ll be given special treatment:

1)if you are the only buyer of one product so no one else was sold, you have the possibility to ask for a total refund of what you paid (deducted transfer commissions)

2)if more than one item is sold but not all of those available, you’ll get a discount of 5% of the price achieved by the product at the end of the deal. 

3)if all the products have been sold you’ll get a discount of 10% of the price achieved by the product at the end of the deal. 

All the discounts will be remboursered in 2 weeks after the end of the DEAL.

For all customers the following refund policy:

1. All contents must be brand-new in factory sealed packaging to qualify for a refund. If products have been opened, the box will not be eligible for a refund.

2. Returning a box is subject to a 25% restocking fee. The restocking fee is calculated as a percentage of the starting DEAL price. 
3. Customers are limited to return 1 DEAL per calendar month.

Tracking Your Order

You can track your order on the transactions page. From there, you can find your order status, the date your order shipped, the courier being used, and other tracking information. Please note that some shipments, like international warranty replacements, have limited tracking or no tracking available.

To track your order:

  • Find the order you want to track.
  • Look under “Drop Status” for the status.
  • After the order has shipped, click the tracking number located below “Drop Status” to visit the courier tracking website.

If your package is missing or the tracking information isn’t working, please go to:

  • How to find a missing package that’s marked as delivered
  • Missing tracking information

For our list of couriers, please go to:

Please note: Some of our primary couriers use regional couriers for the final delivery of your order. When this happens, your tracking information may not be accurately reflected on the primary courier’s website. You can find additional tracking information for the regional courier on the primary courier’s website.

For DHL, you can find the regional tracking number on the right-hand panel shown below:

For UPS, you can find the regional tracking number on the panel shown below:

Can I modify/cancel my order?

How do I change the shipping address for my order?

If a run is still active, you can update the shipping address from the transactions page. The updated address will become your default shipping address to be used on product orders.

If the product run is no longer active, you’ll need to contact Cyclostock Support to determine if your shipping address can be changed.

We’re unable to reroute packages that have already been shipped. Should you need to change the address for a package that’s in transit, you can attempt to contact the courier directly to set up an alternate delivery address.

Please note: We can’t guarantee that a courier will be able to change the delivery address for a package in transit. In the event they’re unable to assist you, the package will likely be bounced back to our warehouse. If this occurs, you’ll need to contact Drop Support.

Missing Tracking Information

Here are some reasons tracking might not be available:

  • The tracking number was just issued. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours for information to update in the courier’s system.
  • The first package scan may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. This happens most often with international shipments and usually occurs when the courier’s shipping volume is high and packages are processed in bulk. The courier might not acknowledge that they have received the package until it has been scanned for the first time.
  • The first package scan might not be until the package has been delivered.
  • Some shipments, like international warranty replacements, have limited tracking visibility or are not trackable at all.

For assistance locating your tracking number, please see how to track your order.

For a list of contacts, please see our courier contact information.

How to report that an item is missing from your order

If an item or component is missing from your order, please report it to Cyclostock Support within 2 weeks of receiving it.

When you submit your inquiry, please select the appropriate transaction ID and provide a detailed description of the missing item or component. We may also ask for supporting documentation, like a photo of your packing slip or any SKU stickers that may appear on the merchandise.

Once your inquiry has been submitted, a member of our support team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Why was the DEAL canceled?