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Bosch Battery PowerPack Rack Type 500

PowerPack 500Wh rack-mounted replacement battery, suitable for Bosch e-bike drives of the series Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX from 2014. Approx. 25% higher range with only approx. 4% more weight compared to the Bosch PowerPack 400Wh.

Bosch Battery Management System (BMS):

· Integrated emergency shutdown

· Permanent monitoring of voltage, current, temperature and charging state of the cells for high safety and durability

· Reset possibility for the user

· Reduced performance from a cell temperature of 40 °C

· Automatic shutdown from a cell temperature of 60 °C

· Charging is prevented below 0 °C / over 40 °C

· No memory effect and no self-discharge


· For drives of the series Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX from 2014


· For rack mounting

· Lithium-ion battery

· Charging temperature: 0 °C up to +40 °C

· 36 V / 13,4 Ah / 500 Wh

· Weight: approx. 2,7 kg

· Anthracite (Performance Line)


· Incl. dangerous goods packaging and manual

Tips to increase the durability of the battery:


Storage of the battery:

· Dry, between 0 °C and 20 °C, preferably not above 30 °C

· Not fully charged or discharged, but ideally with a 30% to 60% charge


Do not park your e-bike in direct sunlight or near sources of heat (e.g. heating)


Riding your e-bike during winter:

· Insert the battery only shortly before the ride

· Use thermal protective sleeves (suitable sleeve available with item no. 2268090)

· Charge the battery preferably indoors

· Let it warm up at least an hour before

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