Campagnolo Scirocco DB copertoncino front QR – rear QR AFS CAMPY


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The first Campagnolo wheel dedicated to endurance that breaks the mould and looks to the future, carrying with it the strength of the name it has inherited: Shamal.

The Campagnolo Scirocco wheelset takes its name from the fierce and hot wind originating from the Sahara desert as it imitates the speed with which this wind arrives to Italy and France.Highly respected wheels capable of offering high-end performance at a more accessible price point, the Scirocco is a great choice for those wishing to experience the quality construction and long lasting performance of Campagnolo wheels. The disc version of the Scirocco builds upon the strengths that made the previous versions such a well-respected and trouble free wheel, making for an even better all-around wheel.

The Scirocco name seems all the more fitting when considering its 33 mm profile.
The profile height offers a versatile aerodynamic benefit that excels in all conditions.
Such a versatile profile reduces drag moving forward while not creating instability in cross wind situations.
This aero advantages were previously reserved only for those willing to purchase carbon fiber wheels.


– Material: rims, hubs, braking surface: aluminium
– Spokes: stainless steel
– Weight: approx. 1877 gram (wheelset)
– approx.884 gram (front wheel)
– approx.993 gram (rear wheel)
– (weighed by Bike24)
– Rim height: 33 mm

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