CeramicSpeed BB30 SRAM GXP


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BB30 / PF42X68 – SRAM GXP 24/22,2mm

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The Danish manufacturer of ceramic bearings and other cycling material Ceramicspeed is used by professionals all over the world. The advantages of ceramics are indisputable. By reducing the friction in the bearing, the rider’s energy is significantly saved and thus the speed is increased. When using the complete Ceramicspeed setup, the rider’s power is increased by as much as 16W, which makes a full 50 s on a 40 km track (at a constant speed of 40 km / h). So 3:45 on the Ironman track! The use of the center assembly, bearings, OSPW pulleys and the UFO chain thus saves not only seconds, but minutes. In addition, the special material in Ceramicspeed bearings has a 15% higher hardness than other ceramic bearing manufacturers on the market, thus extending the service life of components by up to five times.

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