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Magura MT7 HC hydraulic disc brake

Magura MT7 HC hydraulic disc brake with one-finger control.

Magura MT7 = performance and reliability.

The Magura brake was made according to the proven MT7 model, but is equipped with a new line of HC levers with one-finger control without muscle fatigue syndrome.

The Magura MT7 HC brakes will find their place not only on downhill bikes, scooters, MTBs but also on all e-bikes with regard to comfort, easy braking and high performance. Thanks to the 4-piston system and one-finger control.

The Magura MT7 HC lever is symmetrical, so it can be used on either the left or right side. Possibility of adjusting the brake lever for your finger. The package includes all necessary parts and accessories, including a 2.2 m hydraulic line. The levers with the caliper are connected and filled (tested by the manufacturer).

Summary information:

Carbotecture® SL – brake body and handlebar clamps

Ergonomic aluminum lever with surface treatment

setting the length of the lever range without All-in-one tools

forged 2-piston brake caliper banjo

magnetiXchange – magnetic brake pistons for easy replacement of brake pads

weight only 255g (without rotor and adapter)

recommended disc Storm HC 203/180/160

color: black – gray – neon green

warranty: 5 years for tightness of levers and pistons

made and designed in Germany

model line 2018

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