Repente saddle LATUS CL 152mm


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The Repente Latus CL is a high-quality compact saddle for both road and off-road enthusiasts. Comfortable and light, this road and tri saddle is designed for both men and women. The Latus CL is the ultimate saddle to meet the needs of users who are after a wider saddle.

Width: All Repente saddles take into account the conventional anatomical centre to position and shape:

1) The best point of contact of the ischium bones (sit bones) for comfort and ideal the position for performance.

2) The outline shape of the front of the saddle to give freedom of movement to the legs.

  • Multi-section Carbon Rail.
  • Autoclave Resistance Enhancement.
  • Water-based microfibre coating.
  • Repente Locking System.
  • Designed for Men and Women.
  • Weighs only 145g.

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