TERN HSD P9 Active Plus


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The S + version is the top model of the Tern HSD series of e-bikes, which are characterized by excellent handling, a high level of comfort and small dimensions. Compared to the P9 version, the S + mainly has a Bosch Performance Line engine with better traction and also a 500 Wh battery, which gives the bike more range. Another very practical feature is the Enviolo Automatiq (Sport 380). What does this mean for you? The same feeling as in a car with an automatic transmission. You don’t have to worry about shifting anymore! How simple! The icing on the cake is then just the transmission of power by the belt instead of the chain. It does not need to be lubricated, it does not get dirty, it is quiet and absolutely cool. Thanks to the sprung fork and also the sprung seatpost, the ride on the HSD S + will be absolutely comfortable. As on the P9, the S + has complete lighting, fenders, a massive stand and a huge carrier on which you can simply pack anything. Tern HSD S + is a partner you will fall in love with. And not only in the city, but also on weekend trips around.

Color Silver

Battery Bosch 500 Wh

Magura MT4 brakes

Range 50 to 100 km

Weight 26.7 kg

20 “wheels

Bosch Performance Engine

Load capacity 170 kg (max. 120 kg slider)

Frame Al 6061

Dimensions folded 163 x 40.5 x 86 cm

Enviolo AUTOMATiQ gears

Power 63Nm / 250W / 25km / h

Manufacturer TERN

Adjustable stem Andros

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